Our Values

founders jem and avi with their kids on holiday in France

Raising future generations of healthy minds & bodies

We care about making the environment as healthy as possible for kids to grow up in, we believe this helps them grow into happier people. That’s why we created Little Senses Whole Foods. It’s our way of helping raise future generations of healthy and happy minds and bodies.

Goodness in, Goodness out.

It’s not just the food we feed our little ones that matters. The thoughts we feed them help develop healthy minds.
Goodness into a child’s mind and body means goodness out; for happier, healthier children.


Our Values

We’ve worked hard to create every part of Little Sense Whole Foods responsibly and in line with our core values. Not just as a business but as individuals too. Here are the values at the heart of everything we do.

hand holding a plant with blue background


Planet, children, relationships

  • We care about the world our children and future generations grow up in.
  • We care about a healthy and happy outlook on life for our children.
  • We care about the planet we leave behind for our children.


hands over chickpeas in a sieve


Food, people, issues

  • We make good, honest food for babies; it contains no additives or preservatives.
  • We’re real mums who don’t have all the answers. Although we wish we did.
  • We try to make a real difference to the world our children grow up in.
sustainable packaging box


Ingredients, packaging, sourcing

  • A supportive and responsible relationship with suppliers and customers.
  • Our ingredients are locally sourced and organic.
  • Our reusable packaging can be composted or recycled at the end of its life.