Our Story

two women holding vegetables

Food For Babies. Not Baby Food.

Meet Jem & Avi.  Sisters, Mothers & Founders of Little Senses Whole Foods. 

As sisters, we were lucky enough to be navigating this journey of parenthood together with both our children.  We both came across the same challenges, albeit from different circumstances and we both strongly believed that parents shouldn’t have to compromise on quality over convenience, especially in todays advanced world.

We therefore set about creating Little Senses Whole Foods from a simple desire to find a convenient way to feed good, wholesome food to our little ones on those days when we didn’t have the time (or sometimes desire!) to cook from scratch.  

Little Senses Whole Foods 

To truly get the best from mealtimes, we believe babies should be able to enjoy their food with all their senses. Just like adults do. Our range contains whole finger foods* which let little ones see, smell, touch and taste their food. You’ll be able to hear their “mmmmms” and see their smiles.


Founder: Jem

founder Jem working with a cup of coffee

“I returned to work full time after my eldest turned 10 months. I loved being a working mum, but I resented spending my ‘free time’ in the kitchen prepping meals.  Every minute in the kitchen was one less precious minute spent with my family. Fast-forward 3 years and I found myself in the same position when returning to work after my second child. I couldn’t understand why - as a busy mother of two, combining work and parenthood - I couldn’t access healthy, honest and convenient food for my little ones. This is where Little Senses Whole Foods started. I wanted to help busy mums spend more time doing the things they enjoy with their kids, without worrying about mealtime guilt or undoing all their weaning hard work.”

Founder: Avi

Founder Avi working with vegetables wearing a be kind t-shirt

“I realised my passion for cooking when making food for my eldest daughter.  But despite enjoying cooking, I had my days where I just didn’t want to cook (usually on a Friday night after a long week) and have never had an alternative option to offer, other than foods I wouldn’t normally choose to give her.  This is why I’m so passionate about Little Senses Whole Foods. It gives other parents and caregivers the opportunity to have a ‘lazy day’ without feeling guilty!”



*Only you will know what texture your baby is used to and whether they are ready for whole foods.  See NHS guidelines on baby-led weaning to see if your baby is ready for whole, finger foods.