'The Words We Speak' with Olivia from The Caperberry Collective

Meet the Editor of The Caperberry Collective and Mum-of-Two, Olivia Sewell.  We're so excited to be speaking to Olivia about adapting to her new norm, with the birth of beautiful baby Kitty, raising a 2-year-old toddler, and what's next for The Caperberry Collective.

1. Can you tell us about Caperberry and how it all started?

Caperberry is no ordinary mama and baby mag... It’s got all the goods, the ideas, the brands and the stories but it’s just a little bit more fun, a little humorous and exceptionally tasteful, naturally 🤪 It started back in 2016 (pre-babies!) when I simply saturated it with food, fashion and travel. But things really got going about two years ago, when I had my son, Max, and dove head first into the world of mums and babies.

2. How are you adapting to your new norm with COVID, juggling being a new Mum of 2, as Editor of Caperberry and finding time for yourself?

Let’s just say - still adapting! It’s been a fun ride so far, navigating the delights of being a mum of two amid global pandemic! Saying that, slower days, staying home and finding our new normal was always going to be on the agenda. Work wise, it helps that my partner is WFH, so I manage to find the odd pocket of time to delve into Caperberry while he entertains our two year old. Ohhh ‘my time’ is a little scarce at the moment but as long as coffee and marmalade toast are on the go, I’m a happy mama!

mum and baby

3. Massive congratulations on your recent new arrival! How are you finding life with a new-born in the current environment?

Luckily, Kitty is a fairly chilled baby (as far as babies go!), which has made things easier. However, I desperately miss friends and family… Introducing a new baby via FaceTime is just not the same!

4. Your eldest is 2 years old. Such a fun (and challenging) age! (Although we think that about any age). How are you finding managing the demands of a 2-year-old with a new-born? 

There’s times where I’m quite literally being pulled in different directions, a baby needing feeding and a potty training toddler pulling his trousers off! But on the whole, we’re just rolling with each day and each demand as they come!

mum baby and toddler

5. At Little Senses, we’re on a mission to help raise future generations of healthy minds as well as healthy bodies. That’s why we want to help facilitate the conversation around feeding little one's mind's goodness. Do you have any tips on how you encourage this with your little ones?

In general the expression ‘happy mum, happy baby’ sums it up pretty well. So my tip is to make sure you’re happy, fed, caffeinated and feeling good and the rest will come naturally. Think: lots of encouragement, lots of games and lots of giggles (particularly when things don’t go as planned - which happens regularly with a toddler). And lastly, find time to give them your full attention 1 to 1.

6. We believe: goodness in, results in goodness out. What positive words/language/songs do you like to use around your little ones to encourage positive thinking?

About 70 percent of the time, when I sing I get told to ‘shhhh’ by aforementioned two year old! Haha! But when permitted to open my windpipes, we sing all sorts: Whatever is on the radio, nursery rhymes, Moana, Annie! And as long as dancing is involved, we’re having a good day! Positive thinking follows, I smother him with ‘I love you's’ and we also encourage ‘please and thank you’s’.

toddler on chair

7. Becoming a mum comes with so many expectations, mostly ones we put on ourselves, what would you tell your first-time-mum self if you could go back?

That when the sh*t quite literally hits the fan and you think things couldn’t get any worse (more often than not in somewhere very public) you will look back and laugh and actually cherish that little moment in time. I promise you.
I’d also say that despite varying circumstances it’s more than likely that that mum over there has been through a VERY similar scenario: from grasping breastfeeding, to tantrums in supermarkets 😂 We’re all in this together baby!

8. And finally, as you know, we’re huge fans of Caperberry; what can we expect coming up from you to look forward to?

Ooohhh thank you! We’ve got all sorts of stories lined up. There’s one on kids haircuts circa 1980-90 which I’m particularly invested in! (Let’s hope lockdown lifts soon for my son’s sake 😂). I’m desperately missing taking trips, so living vicariously through our ‘Mama Hoods’ features (more to come!) and there’ll be a fresh lick of paint on the site too.

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