International Women's Day 2020

'we all move forward when
we recognize how resilient
and striking the women
around us are'
- rupi kaur

This International Women's Day we've found these 5 awesome brands that celebrate women and feminism all year round! 

Abrams and Chronicle Books  
nstagram: @abramschronicle
The Abrams and Chronicle range of Little Feminist books, puzzles, games & stationary feature colourful illustrated portraits of real women who have made a historic impact on the world! From Maya Angelou to Rosa Parks… these illustrations introduce little ones to these historic women with images that are fun and realistic! Click here for the full range.

Little Feminist Book Set

Little Feminist Book Club
Instagram: @littlefeministbookclub 
‘Diversify Your Bookshelf’ This inspired book subscription service is here to help you diversify your bookshelf and raise brave and kind humans through their curated book selection and paired activities.  While it’s based in the US they deliver their books internationally

Little Feminist Book Club

Happy You, Happy Family
Kelly Holmes, Mum of 4 and author of Happy You, Happy Family has created a community of parents all struggling with the same day to day life of parenthood. Her blog on raising a feminist son is definitely one to read! Check it out here.

The Feminist Shop
Instagram: @thefeministshopdotcom ‘The next generation of feMINIsts are here, even if they’re too small to know it!’ With a blog, shop, and links to inspirational websites & podcasts, The Feminist Shop has it all!

The Feminist Shop

Mutha Hood  
Instagram: @mutha.hood 
Be a part of The Strong Girls Club with this amazing brand whose main aim is to ‘empower women and girls through positive, strong and meaningful march.’ Founder, Gemma M-B, has recently posted this interview (with herself) for us to understand the origins of The Club and why it is so important.

Any feminist brands that you would recommend? Leave a comment below👇


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